Chichibu-Tama-Kai National Park is a densely-forested region. At the foot of the park's mountains are broadleaf forests of Japanese beech, Japanese Judas and maple. At higher elevations, the slopes are thick with Japanese hemlock, Erman's birch and Veitch's fir. These dense woodlands make an ideal home for a variety of creatures, such as Asiatic black bears, Japanese serows and Kajika frogs.


Dogtooth Violet

The dogtooth violet (Erythronim japonicum) is a perennial plant that grows in deciduous broadleaf forests. It blooms in early spring on Mount Gozen, sending out pale purple flowers.

Dogtooth violet

Azuma Shakunage

The Azuma shakunage (Rhododendron degronianum) is an evergreen shrub native to Japan. It grows in colonies around the Jumonji Pass, and produces pale pink blooms in June.

Azuma shakunage

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