Visitor Center

Sawando National Park Gate

A gateway to Kamikochi and the Northern Japan Alps

The Sawando National Park Gate is primarily a shuttle bus and taxi hub for hikers entering the Japanese Alps, and also serves as a place to learn more about the natural environment of the Chubusanganku National Park.

The information counter provides information on the conditions and opening status of mountain trails, weather updates, and recommendations of plants that are currently in bloom. Vivid exhibits detail the history of Kamikochi and its natural environment in both Japanese and English, like an Azusa River driftwood sculpture at the entrance and a panoramic photograph of the snow-covered Hida Mountains, also known as the Northern Japanese Alps. You can observe many of the center's taxidermy mounts of local species of bears, foxes, deer, and other animals. In the waiting room for shuttle buses and taxis, visitors can watch a video and listen to audio in five languages describing rules and regulations for visitors to Kamikochi, not only for personal safety but to protect the natural beauty of the park also. The facility is also conveniently equipped with public toilets and wooden benches. Other facilities nearby include a small store, a tourism information counter and a parking area.

visitor center  
Open When the Kamikochi Shuttle Bus is in operation. (Late April – November 15)
Foreign Languages Multilingual pamphlets available
Address Azumi 4466-20, Matsumoto City, Nagano Prefecture
Phone (+81) 0263-93-3355

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