20.2 km
2 hrs (ride time only)
Goenzan Noroshidai Viewpoint
Kiryo Coast

Downhill Cycling on Mount Daisen

Cruise through a beech forest on a quiet road down to the Sea of Japan

This cycling course starts from about halfway up Mount Daisen (1,729 m) at the Goenzan Noroshidai Viewpoint (750 m) and runs down to the Sea of Japan. From Goenzan Noroshidai, you should be able to see your goal—the Kiryo Coast. As you cycle through Daisen's beech forest, be sure to stop at Kawadoko Stream for a refreshing break beside crystal clear waters.

The forest gives way to open agricultural fields as you get closer to the coast. Once you reach the shoreline, you'll see the Kiryo Coast's white sandy beaches. During early summer, look out for the pink flowers of sea bindweed. The relaxed pace of this course gives you a chance to talk to locals and other tourists along the way. Please be extremely cautious of road traffic.

Route Map

Downhill Cycling on Mount Daisen

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