Scenic Drive
15.4 km
1 h0min
Ama-no-Iwato Cave
Shofukuji Temple

Isobe Scenic Drive

A scenic drive taking in rural landscapes and religious sites

On this driving course, you'll be able to explore the history and mythology of the Ise area. The route begins at the atmospheric shrine of Ama-no-Iwato Cave on Ise-doro Road, that connects the cities of Ise and Shima.

Following the road south, you'll pass Lake Kamiji before coming to Oumu Iwa, down a side road to the left. Park your car and head over to examine the unusual rock formation. Its name translates as "Parrot Rock" in English, and you'll soon know why: the acoustics create a strange, echoing effect.

After returning to the main road, continue heading southeast until you reach a T-junction. Turn left here and then left again to reach Izawanomiya Shrine. This is one of the only shrines associated with the great shrine of Ise Jingu outside of Ise City. It has a calm atmosphere great for meditation.

From here, follow Prefectural Route No. 47 for around 2 kilometers, and then take the road to the left for Mount Aomine. After winding your way up the switchback roads of the mountainside, park by Shofukuji Temple.

Route Map

Isobe Scenic Drive

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