In high altitude areas, you'll see the pink blooms of Miyama Kirishima flowers and in medium altitude areas there are forests of beech and fir. Due to the Kuroshio Current, one of the largest warm ocean currents in the world, there is a vividly colorful underwater seascape of stony corals and soft corals (seaweed) where a distinctive ecosystem with subtropical fish, such as butterfly fish and heavenly damselfish thrive.

The Kirishima area is home to a variety of birds, including the extremely rare pitta and the ruddy kingfisher. In the nationally designated Miike Wild Birds' Forest you may spot the screech owl, black paradise flycatcher, fairy pitta and forest wagtail.


Malus spontanea (Makino) Makino

Malus spontanea (Makino) Makino is a wild species of the rose family, found nowhere else in the world but Mount Kirishima. Its pale pink flowers bloom in early May.

Malus spontanea Makino

Miyama Kirishima

Miyama Kirishima (Rhododendron kiusianum) is an azalea species found in the high mountains of Kyushu. They grow in particularly large numbers around volcanoes. These plants cover the entire mountainside of Mount Kirishima in pink when in bloom.



Ruddy Kingfisher

Catch a glimpse of this vivid red summer bird and hear its distinctive reverberating call from the birdwatching hut in the Miike Wild Bird Forest, which is a short distance from Miike Camp Village.

Ruddy kingfisher

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