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Minami Alps National Park

The plant life in Minami Alps National Park changes with elevation: Japanese beech trees at altitudes over 1,600 meters, while zones above 2,700 meters have Veitch's fir, Japanese stone pine and flowering alpine meadows. Many rare and endemic species of alpine flora grow in the area.

Japanese serows, Japanese stoats, rock ptarmigan and Japanese macaques are among the park's wildlife.



Kitadake-so (Callianthemum hondoense) is an alpine perennial found only near the summit of Mount Kitadake. It produces white flowers from late June to early July.


Alpine Meadows

Alpine flora grow in abundance in Minami Alps National Park. Shinano-kinbai (Trollius japonicus) and Hakusan ichige (Anemone narcissiflora) populate the meadows of Mount Arakawa, one of the largest flower meadows in the park.

Alpine flora in Minami Alps National Park


Japanese Stoat

The Japanese stoat (Mustela erminea nippon) is a type of weasel. These stoats are carnivorous and inhabit sub-alpine areas at altitudes over 1,200 meters. Their fur changes color from brown in summer to white in winter, but the underbelly remains white all year.

Japanese stoat


Kumomatsumaki-cho (Anthocharis cardamines niphonica) is a subspecies of the orange-tip butterfly. This alpine butterfly came to Japan from mainland Asia during the Ice Age. It moved to higher altitudes when the climate grew warmer.


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