Minami Alps National Park

Norogawa-Hirogawara Information Center

A base for exploring the Minami Alps

Norogawa-Hirogawara Information Center is located at a mountain hiking base in the Minami Alps, also known as the Southern Alps of Japan. The building was designed with environmental conservation in mind, utilizing solar power, pellet stoves, and ozone decomposition treatment toilets.

Take a break here or check the status of blooming alpine flowers and trail conditions. The center's exhibits give an overview of the landmarks in Minami Alps National Park, ranging from the Hakuho Valley to Mount Kitadake.

The information center also has displays about the local ecosystem, including a large map of the surrounding area, indicating the plants and animals that you can discover on the trails. An exhibit explains the environmental impact of overgrazing sika deer in the Minami Alps and introduces the efforts being made to protect rare plants and flowers.

From the center, you can access nearby peaks in the Akaishi mountain range such as Mount Kitadake, Mount Kaikomagatake, and Mount Senjogatake.

The center has coin lockers, a water supply corner and a small concession stand, and serves as a transit hub with bus and taxi departure and arrival platforms.

visitor center  
Open 9:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.
Closed Mid-November – early June
Cost Free of charge
Address Norogawairi 1685, Ashiyasu-Ashikura, Minami Alps City, Yamanashi Prefecture
Phone (+81) 090-2673-2406
Website https://www.minami-alps-br.org/travel_guide/detail/location_01/tourist_facility/tourist_facility04.html (JP)

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