5.0 km
2 h0min
Cosmo Plaza
Cosmo Plaza

Kurohime Highland: Forest and Flowers Trail

Explore the tranquil forests and flower-covered fields of the Kurohime Highland

The Kurohime Highland sits in the shadows of Mount Kurohime, Mount Myoko and Mount Madarao. The area is covered in a variety of flowers, including multihued dahlias and electric pink cosmos, from June to early October. Start this course with an ascent to Bokodai Observatory via ski lift, which takes you past ponds and waterfalls before arriving at the Kurohime Fairy Tale Museum. Autumn is a great time to visit and take in Mount Kurohime's snow-capped summit framed by green conifers and the colorful foliage of broad-leaved trees.

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Kurohime Highland: Forest and Flowers Trail

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