Scenic Drive
45.5 km
1 h30min
Shinanomachi I.C. (Joshinetsu Expressway)
Shinanomachi I.C. (Joshinetsu Expressway)

Lake Reisenji and Hokushin-Gogaku Drive

Drive across the Iizuna countryside for beautiful views of mountains, rice paddies and peach blossom orchards

This scenic drive across the Hokushin-Gogaku Road and Iizuna's countryside offers excellent views of the five iconic mountains of the area: Mount Iizuna, Mount Kurohime, Mount Myoko, Mount Togakushi and Mount Madarao. The route takes you past rice paddies, orchards and the beautiful Lake Reisenji. In spring, watch out for fields of peach blossoms in full bloom. Stop by Lake Reisenji's playground or take a dip at the hot springs of Mure Onsen Tengu-no-Yakata. If visiting in the summer or autumn, purchase locally grown peaches or apples at a roadside fruit stand.

Route Map

Lake Reisenji and Hokushin-Gogaku Drive

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