5.6 km
2 h0min
Togakushi Forest Botanical Garden
Togakushi-jinja Chusha Shrine

Togakushi Nature and Culture Walk

Explore Togakushi's ancient shrines, walk forest trails, and make bamboo baskets

Togakushi has a long history of mountain worship. This course takes you to various sites imbued with culture and myth, and lets you immerse yourself in the area's rich nature.

Start at the Togakushi Forest Botanic Garden and walk up to the cedar-lined Togakushi-jinja Okusha Shrine (upper shrine). Along the way, enjoy beautiful views of the Togakushi mountain range from Kagamiike Pond, sample some of Japan's best soba noodles, and try your hand at bamboo crafts. The course is complete after you pass the Kotorigaike Pond and arrive at the Togakushi-jinja Chusha Shrine (middle shrine).

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Togakushi Nature and Culture Walk

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