6.5 km
2 h0min
Takaku Atagosan Park parking lot
Takaku Atagosan Park parking lot

Ichimanpo-no-Mori Forest Bathing Trail

A refreshing stroll through a red pine forest

This trail takes you through a 100-year-old red pine forest, starting at Takaku Atagosan Park parking lot. Walk along Nasu Kaido Road heading toward the mountains of Nasu, with the pine forest on your left. After about 40 minutes, the road turns into a path through the Ichimanpo-no-Mori Forest—an ideal spot to stop and take in the forest's peaceful atmosphere and the natural health benefits of the woodland air.

There are three observatories along the path from where you can peer down at the local town and the Naka River. Hydrangeas and gold-banded lilies carpet the forest floor with colorful flowers in June and July here. Once you exit the forest, follow Route 303 to the south to see the stylish arches of the Bansui Bridge before heading back to the trail's starting point.

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Ichimanpo-no-Mori Forest Bathing Trail

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