1.6 km
1 h35min
Nasu Ropeway, Sanroku Station
Nasu Ropeway, Sanroku Station

Mount Nasu Hiking Trail

Enjoy beautiful vistas on a gondola before summiting one of the region's most iconic peaks

Mount Nasu, also known as Mount Chausu, is one of the region’s most iconic active volcanoes.

The course starts with a scenic ride on the Nasu Ropeway up to the mountain's Ninth Station (the waypoint marking the ninth stage of the hike). From here, it is a 50-minute climb to the summit of Mount Chausu. You can ramble around the crater’s edge and scan the rest of the Nasu mountain range, including Mount Asahi’s dramatic rock face and the summit of Mount Sanbonyari. The rising peaks of the Aizu region can be seen in the distance. After hiking the course, consider a long soak in one of Nasu’s many hot springs.

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Mount Nasu Hiking Trail

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