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  • Mt. Nasu Hiking Trail

    Time Required: 1 h 38 min.      Distance: 1.6 km

    Enjoy an elevated stroll and easy access to the summit of Mt. Nasu

    This course takes you on a ropeway ride to Mt. Nasu’s ninth station from which you can reach the summit of Mt. Nasu (Mt. Chausu) in just 50 minutes. The Nasu Mountain Range, including Mt. Chausu, have long been steeped in Japan’s mountain-based faith and spirituality. There is much folklore that still remains today around the mountains’ hot springs, including the legend of the nine-tailed fox and the legend of the sacred deer. At the summit of Mt. Chausu, you can walk around its crater and take in a fantastic view of not only the Nasu Highland, but also the impressive rock face of Mt. Asahi, the emerald green of Mt. Sanbonyari, and other mountains of Nasu. In the distance, the mountains of the Aizu region are visible as well. Once you make your descent, enjoy a relaxing soak in one of Nasu’s many hot springs.




    A fuming active volcano


    Mt. Chausu is one of the most well-known, active volcanoes in the Kanto region, as well as one of the “One Hundred Mountains of Japan” featured in a famous book by Kyuuya Fukada. Reaching the summit can be made much easier by taking the ropeway to Mt. Chausu’s ninth station. There are also several climbing trails available, such as the trail from the seventh station, making Mt. Chausu a great destination for all types of visitors, from families with children to serious mountain climbers.


    The Nasu Highland view point


    From the observatory at the summit station, you can look over the Nasu Highland that spreads across the foot of Mt. Chausu. Or, when the highland is enveloped in mist and the sun is shining at the summit station, you may be able to see a mystical sea of clouds spread out below your feet.


    A stunning view from the gondola


    With the largest gondola in the Kanto region, the ropeway can take 111 people at a time up to the ninth station of Mt. Chausu, the main peak in Nasu’s volcanic belt. The gondola offers its riders not only a spectacular panoramic view of the Kanto Plain, but also the blooming azaleas during spring and summer. You can also see the beautiful kaleidoscope of changing leaves in the fall, which can be seen below the ropeway.

    Trail Map