Scenic Drive
38.6 km
2 h30min
Nasu-Kogen Visitor Center
Nasu-Kogen Visitor Center

Numappara Marshland Scenic Drive and Walk

Walk through a flowering marshland and drive through a refreshing forest

Numappara Marshland is located 1,230 meters up on the western edge of the Nasu mountain range. The boardwalk trail that circles the area allows you to enjoy marshland nature and seasonal vegetation, such as broad dwarf daylilies in early summer and colorful marsh grasses in the fall. The drive to Numappara Marshland takes you west on a pleasant woodland road running parallel to the Nasu mountain range beneath a canopy of Erman's birch trees.

Note that the route to the parking lot is closed during the winter months from early December to late April.

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Numappara Marshland Scenic Drive and Walk

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