12.9 km
6 h55min
Komadome Falls

Nasu Mountain Range Traverse

Explore Nasu's three major peaks

This route traverses three major peaks of the Nasu mountain range, offering spectacular panoramic views and varied landscapes. Each peak has notable characteristics, from Mount Chausu's active volcanic crater and the rocky cliffs of Mount Asahi to the lush forests of Mount Sanbonyari.

The trail starts from the parking lot at Toge-no-Chaya and climbs Mount Asahi's rugged slopes to the mountain hut Mine-no-Chaya-ato. From there, the path diverges. You can choose to hike up Mount Chausu—75 minutes round trip—or continue along the ridge to Mount Asahi. The peak of Mount Sanbonyari is a further 70-minute hike from Mount Asahi. From Mount Sanbonyari, the slow descent along Naka-no-Okura Ridge passes the Goyo-Tsutsuji Observatory and Nasu Ropeway's top station. You can take the ropeway down the mountain or continue your trek to Kita Onsen, with the Komadome Falls parking lot the final stop.

Toge-no-Chaya parking lot and Nasu Gondola Station are the only places on this hike with available toilets and drinking water, so be prepared. Be sure to check the bus schedule for the Kitayu Iriguchi bus stop if you are taking public transportation from Komadome Falls parking lot, so you don't miss the last bus.

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Nasu Mountain Range Traverse

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