• Hiking
  • Yahata Azalea and Nasu Nature Research Path

    Time Required: 3 h      Distance: 9.2 km

    Delight in the highland wildflowers and panoramic views of the Nasu Highland

    On this nature-filled walking course, you can see beautiful flowers and breathtaking panoramic views from the many observatories and viewing points found across the Nasu Highland. The walking paths on the course are well maintained, allowing you to enjoy your time in the outdoors without any worries.

    The Yahata azalea community is spread across 23 hectares and is comprised of around 200,000 Kaempheri azalea and Japanese azalea plants that paint the landscape bright red from mid-May to mid-June. This scene was chosen as one of the Environment Ministry’s "100 best-smelling spots in Japan". Another wonderful highlight of this course is the seasonal landscape of the Nasu Mountain Range and its forests as seen from the Benten Suspention Bridge and Tsutsuji Suspension Bridge. From here you can enjoy the bright foliage of spring, colors of autumn, and snowy scenes of winter.




    A 1,200-meter high suspension bridge with an amazing view


    The Benten Suspension Bridge is the highest suspension bridge (1,200 meters) over 50 meters long in Tochigi Prefecture. From the bridge, you can take in the beauty of the Nasu Highland’s seasons with a view of Mt. Chausu in the distance and the many trees below. It is an especially popular location to see the colorful autumn foliage.


    An astounding community of azaleas


    This enormous azalea community spreads across 23 hectares and is made up of 200,000 individual shrubs. In spring when new leaves appear, the entire area is painted bright red by their blooming flowers. The Yahata azalea community has been designated by the Environment Ministry as one of Environment Ministry’s "100 best-smelling spots in Japan."


    The best of Yahata’s nature


    The Tsutsuji Suspension Bridge is located within the Yahata Nature Research Path adjacent to the azalea community. Even outside of the azalea season, you can see wonderful, panoramic views of the Nasu Mountain Range throughout the year. The bridge is 130 meters long and suspended at a height of 38 meters.

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