9.2 km
3 h0min
Nasu Kogen Shizen-no-Ie parking lot
Nasu Kogen Shizen-no-Ie parking lot

Yahata Azalea and Nasu Nature Path

Enjoy the wildflowers and panoramic views of the Nasu Highlands

This trail's well-maintained paths and wooden walkways take you through fields of vividly hued wildflowers and lush woodland. Suspension bridges span ravines offering breathtaking panoramic scenes.

From mid-May to mid-June each year, around 200,000 kaempferi azaleas and Japanese azaleas color the area's landscape a brilliant red. The air is filled with their sweet scent during the flowering season, leading the Ministry of the Environment to name Yahata among the "100 most fragrant spots in Japan." Another highlight of the path are the views of the Nasu mountain range and its forests as seen from the Benten and Tsutsuji suspension bridges. High above the valleys, you can enjoy the vibrant colors of the seasonal foliage in spring, summer and fall, as well as snowy scenes in winter.

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Yahata Azalea and Nasu Nature Path

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