Rishiri-Rebun-Sarobetsu National Park

Rebun Island Edelweiss Woodland Walk

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Soothe your mind as you stroll through fields of edelweiss

Immerse your senses in the serenity of a summer stroll through sweeping fields of edelweiss. The endangered “usuyuki-so” variety of edelweiss is native to Rebun Island and blooms in abundance from late June to late July. These treasured flowers are the pride of Rebun islanders, and the fields dappled with their white blossoms are a mesmerizing sight to behold. Let the peaceful aura of the forest engulf you as you make your way to the fields of edelweiss, where panoramic views of Mount Rishiri and the vast sea will greet you.

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Available Summer (Jun to Aug)
Duration Approx. 4 hr
Cost Adults 6,500 yen; Children (age 12 and over) 6,500 yen; Children (age 11 and under) free
Foreign Languages English, Traditional Chinese, and Simplified Chinese (with advance notice)
Contact Rebun Hana Guide Club
Address 1-10 Shakunin, Kafuka, Rebun, Rebun District, Hokkaido
Phone (+81) 0163-89-6330
Email rebun@hanaguideclub.com
Website https://www.hanaguideclub.com (JP)

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