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San'inkaigan National Park

San'inkaigan National Park's cliffs, sea caves, sand dunes and reefs are biodiverse natural habitats. Plants such as the Asiatic sand sedge, roundleaf chastetree and beach morning glory flourish on the Tottori and Tango sand dunes. Sea hares and sea slugs like the blue dorid inhabit the park's waters. A variety of mammals, such as Japanese deer, wild boars and raccoon dogs, also live throughout the park.



Touteiran (Pseudolysimachion oruatum) is a perennial plant that grows along the coast of the Sea of Japan. It produces small purple flowers between August and September. In San'inkaigan National Park, it appears throughout the Tango Sand Dunes.


Beach Morning Glory

The beach morning glory (Calystegia soldanella") is a perennial vine found in sandy coastal and lakeside areas. Its pink, trumpet-shaped flowers bloom from May to June in San'inkaigan National Park.

The beach morning glory produces trumpet-shaped flowers


Oriental White Stork

The oriental white stork (Ciconia boyciana) is usually found in wetlands. It feeds on small creatures such as fish, frogs, snakes and grasshoppers. Once extinct in the wild in Japan, oriental white storks have been reintroduced here, and live around the Maruyama River.

Oriental White Stork

Blue Dorid

The blue dorid (Hypselodoris festiva) is a species of sea slug that inhabits tidal pools and reefs. It is dark blue, with bright yellow spots and lines. This mollusk typically feeds on sponges.

The blue dorid sports vivid colors

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