From Tokyo: 2-4 hr
From Ichinoseki: 1.5 hr
From Morioka: 2 hr
From Hachinohe: 1 hr

How to Get There

Sanriku Fukko (reconstruction) National Park showcases the natural beauty of Sanriku Coast in Miyagi, Iwate, and Aomori prefectures. It can broadly be divided into five coastal areas: Miyagi, southern Iwate, central Iwate, northern Iwate, and Aomori. The park is a symbol of the resilience of Japan’s northern Tohoku region. Though natural disasters have interrupted public transportation running through the park, many rail and bus routes have been restored. The best option, however, is to rent a car after reaching the Tohoku area.

From Tokyo

Plan your visit by picking a starting point within the park then finding the closest stop on the Tohoku Shinkansen. The shinkansen takes 1 hour 40 minutes from Tokyo to Sendai, the southernmost large city nearest to the park, and nearly three hours to the northern city of Hachinohe, Aomori. Once you’ve arrived, either rent a car or follow the directions below to access different parts of the park.

From Ichinoseki

Ichinoseki takes just over two hours from Tokyo on the Tohoku Shinkansen and is a good base for accessing the Miyagi and southern Iwate areas of the park. The coastal city of Kesennuma is 85 minutes from Ichinoseki on the JR Ofunato Line. To reach Goishi Coast from Kesennuma Station, continue on the JR Ofunato Line Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) to Goshikikaiganguchi Station (1 hr). Buses generally run three times a day. Take a taxi to Goishi Coast (15 min) or walk (40 min).

From Morioka

Morioka offers excellent access to the park’s highlights in Iwate Prefecture. Scenic Jodogahama Beach can be reached by taking the JR Yamada Line or an Iwate-ken Kotsu Bus to Miyako (2 hr), then taking an Iwate Kenpoku Bus or taxi ride (10 min) to Jodogahama. A 25-minute taxi ride from Miyako Station will take you to the dramatic Sannoiwa Rocks. Unosu Cliff along Kitayamazaki Coast is accessible by taking the Sanriku Railway from Miyako Station to Tanohata Station (45 min), where you can catch a taxi to complete the journey (20 min).

From Hachinohe

Access the superb scenery of Tanesashi Coast on the JR Hachinohe Line to Tanesashi Kaigan Station (33 min). The Tanesashi Coast Sightseeing Bus “One Coin Bus Umineko-go” is a convenient way to see the highlights for just 100 yen.

Getting Around

Getting around Sanriku Coast was once a leisurely, scenic affair aboard a train operated by the JR Group or the Sanriku Railway. Natural disasters—notably the major 2011 earthquake and tsunami—have affected the public transportation system. However, it has been reconstructed to provide service up and down the coast using a combination of trains and buses. Most of the area south of Ofunato in Iwate is serviced by JR's Bus Rapid Transit (BRT). Above Ofunato (Sakari Station), the Riasu Line of the Sanriku Railway has been restored to run along much of the Iwate coastline to Kuji Station. The JR Hachinohe Line takes over at Kuji Station for service in Aomori. Though getting around the park is certainly possible using a combination of trains and buses, a car will provide the most freedom.