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Discover Murakami Pirates at the Murakami Suigan Museum

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Learn all about the history of the Murakami Pirates and their influence on the Seto Inland Sea

The Murakami Suigun Museum chronicles the adventures of the Murakami Pirates. This powerful organization was based in the Seto Inland Sea island. The Murakami Pirates were more like a navy than bandits who attacked ships. They provided safe passage along treacherous seas and facilitated trade. The museum tells their history through weapons, documents related to the history and culture of the Murakami Pirates, armor, and clothing from the era—some of which you can try on.

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Availability Year-round
Duration 60 minutes
Fee 310 yen, students: 160 yen, children (under 18): free (group discounts available) Inquiries: Murakami Suigun Museum
Inquiries Murakami Suigun Museum
Phone (+81) 897-74-1065 (Japanese)
Email (Japanese)

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