3 days
Plan your visit carefully and allow plenty of time for your activities in the park. Always check the latest weather information, and avoid overexerting yourself if you feel unwell.


A Three-Day, Three-Island Cruise Around the Inland Sea on a Chartered Catamaran

Discover what happens when islands become hubs of art and culture on this adventure around the Seto Inland Sea. With a chartered cruise to ease your journey, you'll get to hop between Naoshima, Teshima, and Shodoshima and explore their amazing history, memorable museums and installations, and beautiful landscapes.

Itinerary Highlights

  • Taking a private cruise between islands in Setonaikai National Park.

  • Discovering the museums, art installations, and other cultural attractions of this region.

  • Enjoying locally sourced meals and learning about the history of the soy sauce industry.

Trip Overview

All aboard for a private cruise and guided tour of Naoshima
Local delights of Teshima
Seasonal sightseeing around Shodoshima
Day 1

All aboard for a private cruise and guided tour of Naoshima

Start your journey at Okayama Station. Take the JR train to Uno Station, then walk to Uno Port to board your chartered yacht. You can arrange your preferred route, but don't miss the islands of Naoshima, Inujima, and Teshima, where art installations and museums abound.

The private cruise is fully customizable and can be paired with other guided activities, including tours with official guides of the Setouchi International Art Festival. One of the members will join your excursions and share their expertise with you. You'll get to learn much more about the context of the islands in this region and the development of the art industry here. Conclude the day's journey in the early evening. Depending on the length of your private cruise, you'll either head to a hotel on Naoshima for a seafood dinner or enjoy local delicacies on the catamaran before spending the night aboard.

Day 2

Local delights of Teshima

Take the yacht from Naoshima to Teshima and meet your art festival guide for a continuation of the cultural tour. Teshima has long been known for its stone industry, agriculture, and fisheries. You'll find out how the island has been revitalized by the art industry and meet many local residents during your visit. The day includes a lunch prepared by women who live on the island, showing off their culinary skills with locally grown vegetables.

In the late afternoon, cruise from Teshima over to Shodoshima. According to the details of your itinerary, you'll either enjoy another locally sourced meal aboard the cruise or check into a hotel and dine there.

Day 3

Seasonal sightseeing around Shodoshima

In the morning, head to Kankakei Gorge on Shodoshima for your first sightseeing stopover. The seasonal panoramas can be enjoyed on a hiking trail through the forest or from Kankakei Ropeway.

Make Hishio no Sato your next stop, the center of the island's salt industry, where soy sauce has been produced in breweries for more than 400 years. You can follow a walking path through the picturesque environment and visit the Marukin Soy Sauce Museum to dive even more deeply into history. Stop by for lunch in one of the distinctive restaurants here and pick up a souvenir or snack for the road.

After your time in Hishio no Sato, head to Tonosho Port and take the hour-long ferry to Takamatsu Port. From there, you can journey onward to Takamatsu Station or Takamatsu Airport.

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