Setonaikai National Park

One-Day Omakase “Leave It to Us” Tour

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Enjoy a tour of Shodoshima Island and its surrounding seas

Explore Shodoshima Island and its surrounding seas at a leisurely pace on a tour led by experienced guides. On a normal tour, half the day is spent kayaking while the other half is spent touring the island. Should strong winds keep you ashore, you will take a scenic drive to see the island’s famous vistas and sacred sites, and take part in a homa (burnt offering) Buddhist rite in a mountain cave. In winter, trek along pilgrimage routes through the mountains and harvest local vegetables. Tours take advantage of the seasons and weather and take into account your preferences and energy levels, which will determine what you see and do on the tour.

activity   guided   scenic drive   walking   hiking   sightseeing   sea kayaking  
Available April to July, September to November
Duration 7 hours
Cost 14,000 yen (lunch is not included in the tour price)
Contact Non-profit organization Dream Island
Phone (+81) 090-7144-7488
Website (JP)

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