Setonaikai National Park

A Private Paradise on Setouchi's Kujirajima Island

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Escape to your own private paradise on Kujirajima Island

Kujirajima is an uninhabited island campsite in the Seto Inland Sea that can be reserved by a single group per day. Whether you choose to camp under the stars or enjoy a unique glamping experience in bell tents, the sound of the waves will be your soundtrack as you create treasured memories with friends and family in glorious isolation. A variety of activities can be arranged, including kayaking, stand-up paddleboarding and sunset cruises.

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Available Year-round
Duration Half-day minimum
Cost Accommodation: adults from 19,800 yen, children from 9,900 yen; day-trip: adults from 9,900 yen, children from 4,950 yen
Foreign Languages English, Traditional Chinese (with advance notice)
Contact Unokotochi Co., Ltd (Setouchi Private Island KUJIRA-JIMA)
Phone (+81) 0863-32-1250
Website (EN)

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