• Hiking

Hike Through Silent Forests and Secluded Marshland

Witness the beauty of Naganuma Pond and the volcanic activity of Fuku-no-Yu

Join this tour to see the very spot that fuels Fuku-no-yu hot spring resort, and then take in the eerie stillness of Naganuma Pond. The walk starts at the steaming rocks of Fuku-no-yu, and then continues on through the forest to reach the famous pond. Protected from wind by the dense primeval forest, the surface of the water forms a near-perfect mirror, which reflects the surrounding trees. A coffee break is also included in this activity. The hike ends with a return to the Fuku-no-yu baths, which participants are encouraged to visit as day guests.


When April – end of October
How Long 180 minutes
Cost 1 adult, 4,000 yen. 2 to 3 adults, 2000 yen per person. 4 adults or more, 1,000 yen per person. 15 years old and under, 1,000 yen per person.
Note Interpretation available, please book in advance.
Contact National Park Foundation, Hachimantai branch
Email hati@bes.or.jp
Link blog.goo.ne.jp/hatimantai