16.0 km
12 h0min
Amihari Trailhead
Amihari Trailhead

Mount Iwate Amihari Trail

Hike past unusual rock formations and flower-covered marshlands to Mount Iwate's 2,038-meter summit.

The route starts at the Amihari Trailhead, located at Amihari Onsen Ski Resort. Take a chairlift up to an altitude of 1,320 meters to save some time and continue toward Kiritoshi. On the way, you will pass the peaks of Mount Ubakura and Mount Kurokura, which offer stunning views of Mount Iwate and the surrounding area. The trail branches at Kiritoshi. Take the trail on the right to hike the Onigajo ridgeline, where you will pass rugged and distinctive rock formations, or take the trail on the left, which follows a crater basin, for scenic flower fields and marshlands. If you are planning to use the chairlift, be sure to check the operation schedule ahead of time.

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Mount Iwate Amihari Trail

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