Unzen-Amakusa National Park

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Hike a short, medium, or long course to Unzen’s fascinating sites

Take a personalized walking tour with a local guide. Each tour will introduce you to Unzen’s highlights and is tailored to your preferences. Walk among geological landscapes of hot springs, rock formations, and volcanoes. Your guide will show you Unzen’s wildlife, including flowers, trees, birds and other creatures along each route. Keep your eyes open for the cultural sites that pepper the trails, too. Shinto shrines, Buddhist temples, and even a Christian ruin can be spotted on this guided tour.

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Available Year-round
Duration Short course: 60 min
Middle course: 120 min
Long course: 180 min
Cost Short course: Adults 1,000 yen; Children 500 yen
Middle course: Adults 2,000 yen; Children 1,000 yen
Long course: Adults 3,000 yen; Children 1,500 yen
Contact (General Incorporated Foundations) Natural Parks Foundation
Phone (+81) 0957-73-2543
Email unzenoj@gmail.com
Website https://unzenvc.com/sansaku.html

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