Yakushima (Island) National Park

Explore the Remains of a Logging Settlement and Try Yakushima Woodworking


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Learn about Yakushima's history and vegetation through ruins exploration and woodworking

Logging was big business in Yakushima for hundreds of years. Kosugitani was founded in the 1920s as a settlement for loggers and lumber industry workers, but it was abandoned shortly after logging stopped in 1967. Today, walk the old railway line to the ruins of Kosugitani, located deep inland. During the walk, learn about the surrounding Yakushima cedars and the history of logging on the island. After exploring the abandoned village, descend the mountain and try your hand at woodworking using the island's famous wood.

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Available Year-round
Duration 8 hours to 9 hours
Option 1 Yakushima Eco Tour Guide Phorek: Adults (age 15 and over): from 13,000 yen, children (ages 6 to 14): from 8,000 yen
Option 2 Yakushima Guide Office Sangaku Taro: 2 people: 47,000 yen, 3 people: 66,000 yen (groups of 4 people or more require a large taxi; please contact for details)
Contact Yakushima Island Guide Office Sangaku Taro
Phone (+81) 0997-49-7112
Email office@sangakutaro.com
Website https://www.sangakutaro.com/

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