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Explore Coral Reefs in Tatsukushi From a Glass-Bottom Boat

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Glide above coral reefs in a glass-bottom boat and see myriad tropical fish

Otherworldly coral reefs host schools of colorful tropical fish in the depths of Tatsukushi Marine Park, on the southern coast of Kochi Prefecture. Explore this underwater world from the comfort of a glass-bottom boat. The captain is dedicated to preserving this unique ecosystem and would be happy to answer any questions on coral conservation.

The reefs make up Japan’s largest colony of Pavona, stony corals that grow in a variety of leaf-like and cactus-like formations. The corals provide shelter for a multitude of tropical marine fish. Glide above the waves and watch as striped butterflyfish, neon damselfish, and rainbow-hued wrasses dart among the corals in the sunlit water.

The world above the water is just as spectacular as the coral below. The honeycombed rock formations of the Minokoshi Coast mimic the waves. These striking slabs of lacy sandstone are the result of millennia of wind and sea erosion. You are free to walk around and explore the walking trail along the Minokoshi Coast between boat departures and arrivals (around 40 minutes). Stroll through this curious landscape and you may spot trace fossils and nodules, small rounded rocks that often conceal fossils of ammonites and other creatures.

Tatsukushi Marine Park has an underwater aquarium and seashell gallery that can be enjoyed in all types of weather. Resources for further adventures can be found at the Tatsukushi Visitor Center.

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Available All year
Duration 30 minutes
Note The glass-bottom boat tour may be canceled in bad weather or dangerous sea conditions.
Cost Adults, 1,560 yen, children 780 yen. All ages welcome. A discount of 10% will be applied for groups of 15 or more.
Contact Tatsukushi Sightseeing Steamboat
Website https://kankosen.official.jp/grassboat (JP)

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