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Snorkeling with Sea Turtles Around Tokashikijima Island

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Encounter Keramashoto’s green sea turtles in a secluded bay

Tokashikijima Island in Keramashoto National Park is surrounded by coral beds alive with fish and sea turtles. Experience the park’s vibrant underwater seascape on an instructor-led snorkeling tour in one of Tokashiki’s calm and secluded bays.

Preservation efforts have kept this coral reef in good condition, and it is particularly well-known for its large population of green sea turtles. The snorkeling tour is led by an experienced local guide with extensive knowledge of sea turtle behavior, so you have a high chance of encountering a turtle as long as the water clarity is good. The guide will be there to assist you, so beginners are welcome.

You will depart from Aharen Beach on an 8-meter yacht. Relax and enjoy the beautiful blue ocean as you cruise past the shores of Tokashikijima Island. Look out for sea turtles surfacing for air along the way, and take in views Zamamijima and other islets in the distance.

Once the yacht is anchored in a quiet place near a coral reef, your instructor will explain snorkeling basics and how to view sea turtles while keeping a safe distance. Your guide will lead you to various locations in the bay where you can see green sea turtles, myriad tropical fish and colorful corals. Follow the guide's instructions to enjoy the experience fully.

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Available All year
Duration 2 hours
Cost Adults (13 years and over) 6,000 yen, children (4 to 12 years) 4,000 yen. Minimum of 2 participants.
Contact Islands Trip
Phone (+81) 098-896-4522
Email islands-trip@oki-tokashiki.jp
Website https://islands-trip.com/snorkeling/

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