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Kushiroshitsugen Wildlife Center

Learn about eastern Hokkaido’s rare native and migratory birds at the Kushiroshitsugen Wildlife Center

Hokkaido is home to hundreds of unique wild animals. The Kushiroshitsugen Wildlife Center strives to protect Hokkaido's diverse wildlife and the natural environment in which they live through its wildlife research and rehabilitation programs.

The center takes in large rare birds that are found sick or injured throughout Hokkaido. These include Blackiston's fish owls, red-crowned cranes, Steller's sea eagles and white-tailed eagles. Veterinarians at the center treat and rehabilitate these birds and investigate the cause of their injuries before returning them to the wild.

The main bird species to be taken in at the center is the endangered Blackiston's fish owl: the estimated number in Japan is currently less than 200. The red-crowned crane was once thought to be extinct, but thanks to conservation efforts, the number of birds has increased to about 1,700. Some Steller's sea eagles and white-tailed sea eagles migrate to Hokkaido to overwinter and can be seen in various places in Hokkaido. However, due to the widespread destruction of their habitat, these bird populations are currently under threat.

In the wildlife center's exhibition rooms, you can observe stuffed birds and skeletal specimens with panels explaining their ecology, conservation efforts, and the types of injuries and diseases these birds typically acquire. Visitors can watch birds that are under rehabilitation through a live video monitor. Some white-tailed eagles and Steller's sea eagles are kept at the center for their entire lives, as they cannot survive in the wild—you will be able to observe these birds at the center too.

You can also watch video footage of eastern Hokkaido's natural environment and hear the sounds of Blakiston's fish owl calls and other nocturnal animals through the center's interactive exhibits.

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Open Currently closed due to renovation. Planning to reopen in summer 2021.
Cost Free of charge
Address Hokuto 2-2101, Kushiro City, Hokkaido
Website https://www.kushiro-shitsugen-np.jp/kansatu/hogo/ (JP)

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