In recent years, Japan has become the destination of choice for ski and snowboard enthusiasts from all over the world looking for the ultimate snow conditions. Japan’s snow has such a stellar reputation that those in the know call it "Japow," short for "Japan powder snow." The country’s famed powder is a product of ideal humidity and temperature. Deep layers of perfect snow carpet the mountains, offering snow travelers an unrivaled snow experience whether on groomed slopes, in the trees or deep in the backcountry.

You can access the country’s beautiful, forested slopes easily as many of Japan’s snow resorts are at low altitudes. The country has numerous ski resorts with excellent snow quality, centered around Hokkaido and the north and north-central parts of Honshu, the largest island. Japanese snow resorts have a very different feel from the resort destinations in the European Alps or the mountain resorts in the US and Canada. The Japanese hospitality culture of omotenashi, natural hot springs, gourmet cuisine, fantastic transport infrastructure, and a variety of ski and snowboard courses all combine to make Japan the ultimate winter travel destination.