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Autumn Leaves Forecast 2022 Tokyo Station

Autumn Leaves Forecast 2022

Discover Japan during the beautiful season of autumn leaves

Surrounded by rich nature, Japan has four magical seasons. Autumn is considered one of the most beautiful as the landscape turns vibrant shades of orange, yellow, and red. Colorful autumn leaves, known as koyo, have been admired in Japan for centuries and today, together with the Sakura (cherry blossoms), attract a large number of visitors, both local and international. The perfect time to visit these incredible sights is from late September to early December, depending on the place, elevation, and temperature of the year

Each year, the season of scenic autumn leaves begins in colder areas of northern Hokkaido and gradually moves southward to central and southern Japan. In each region, the mountains are colored first, then scenes of colored leaves spread into city gardens, parks, and temples. Both areas are definitely worth a visit. The secret behind the picturesque vivid foliage lies in Japan’s typical autumn weather – a difference in temperature between cooler mornings, warm sunny daytime, and cold evenings that allow autumn leaves to change. The scenic autumn season is the time of year when it is neither too hot nor too cold, making it easy and comfortable to travel. This is also the season of harvest and fine seasonal food, which potentially makes autumn the best time for you to visit.

2022 Autumn Leaves Forecast – when and where to see koyo

* based on data from previous years

2022 Autumn Leaves Forecast - when and where to see koyo

* based on data from previous years

Source: Japan Weather Association (http://tenki.jp)
Note: The forecast is subject to change due to weather conditions.

Best Destinations for Scenic Autumn Leaves

Autumn leaves – each destination has its own unique character and beauty, including the magnificent landscapes of Hokkaido, the eye-catching color contrast of temples and trees in Kyoto, and radiant mountains across Kyushu. The most iconic and popular autumn-colored tree is a Japanese maple tree, characterized by a breathtaking gradation from green to yellow, orange, and red leaves that can occasionally be seen all at once. Make the most of Japan while admiring sceneries filled with colorful autumn leaves.

Region Prefecture City Best season Average 2022 Trend
Hokkaido Hokkaido Sapporo Oct 28 Early November Average year
Kushiro Oct 16 Mid-October Average year
Tohoku Miyagi Sendai Nov 21 Late November Average year
Akita Akita Nov 13 Mid-November Average year
Aomori Aomori Nov 12 Mid-November Average year
Hokuriku Shinetsu Nagano Nagano Nov 15 Mid-November Average year
Niigata Niigata Nov 24 Late November Average year
Ishikawa Kanazawa Nov 28 Late November Average year
Kanto Tokyo Chiyoda Nov 12 Mid-November Average year
Tokai Aichi Nagoya Nov 28 Late November Average year
Kansai Osaka Osaka Dec 1 Late November Average year
Chugoku Hiroshima Hiroshima Nov 22 Mid-November Average year
Shikoku Kochi Kochi Dec 2 Late November Average year
Kyushu Kagoshima Kagoshima Dec 1 Early December Average year
Fukuoka Fukuoka Dec 15 Mid-December Average year

* based on data from previous years

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