Tottori Sand Dunes Tottori Sand Dunes

TOTTORI Tottori City & Around Sandboarding, camel rides and ocean sports in a former feudal clan's stronghold

Sandboarding, camel rides and ocean sports in a former feudal clan's stronghold

The former castle town of Tottori City is best known for its proximity to Japan's largest sand dunes—the incredible Tottori Sakyu . Tottori may be one of Japan's smallest and least populated prefectures, but its impressive nature, mouthwatering food, and cultural attractions more than compensate, and Tottori City serves as a perfect entry point to the region.

Don't Miss

  • Cool down in summer at one of Uradome's spectacular beaches
  • Marvel at the vastness of the nation's largest sand dunes
  • Make a romantic trip to Hakuto Shrine, site of a mythical love story
  • Walk the quiet streets of a former castle town

How to Get There

Tottori Prefecture is well served by air, rail and road from Tokyo and other major centers.

Haneda Airport has daily flights to each of Tottori's two airports: Tottori Sakyu Conan Airport in the east, and Yonago Kitaro Airport in the west. The former offers easy access to Tottori City and the famous sand dunes ; the latter is close to Sakaiminato and neighboring Shimane Prefecture . Direct flights to and from Hong Kong and Seoul cement Yonago Kitaro Airport's international status. The limited express Super Hakuto train service on the Sanin Main Line connects Tottori City with Osaka in just under three hours.
Highway buses connect Tottori City to a number of major cities at a more budget prices.

It's all about the sand

The Tottori Sakyu sand dunes, situated just to the north of the city, are Tottori's most famous and visited landmark. Camel rides make your "desert adventure" complete, and on a sunny day, the dunes are certainly a sight to behold. The nearby Sand Museum contains world-class sand sculptures, attracting the best sculpting talent from around the world.

Dramatic coastal scenery and crystal-clear waters

Uradome Coast is a coastal outlet in the far eastern tip of the prefecture and forms the westernmost point of Sanin Kaigan National Park. Dramatic rock formations and clear waters make Uradome a favorite for kayakers, snorkelers, and swimmers.

The god, the princess and the white rabbit

The area surrounding Tottori City was known in ancient times as Inaba. It features heavily in an 8th-century chronicle of Japanese creation myths known as the Kojiki. Visit Hakuto Shrine, the site where it is said a white rabbit prophesized the marriage of a local princess and a kindly god.

Historical remains hint at dramatic feudal past

The ruins of a former castle at the north eastern edge of the city center hints at Tottori's past as a regional seat of power for the Ikeda clan. Enjoy tea served at the Kannonji Temple or visit a local museum to learn more about this family's powerful past. Shikano , on the outskirts of Tottori City, is a beautiful example of a former castle town.

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