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Ametsuchi Sightseeing Train

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An elegant journey between land and sky to discover old and new Japan

San'in Tourism Organization


Located in western Honshu along the Sea of Japan, the San'in region stretches from Tottori to Shimane Prefecture and includes the northern part of Yamaguchi Prefecture. An ancient land rich in nature, San'in is deeply connected with Japanese mythology, and many of the quintessential elements of Japanese culture, such as shrines, sake, kabuki, and sumo, find their origins here.


Ametsuchi is a sightseeing train that runs through the beautiful San'in region between Tottori and Izumoshi Stations, mainly on weekends. The train name, which means "Heaven and Earth," is derived from Kojiki, Japan’s oldest history book, which includes myths and legends set in the San’in region. Designed under the concept of "Native Japanese," Ametsuchi treats travelers to exciting interiors decorated with local handicrafts such as wood panels, washi paper and Sekishu tiles, and inspired by traditional motifs.



Inside the train, you can purchase and enjoy local snacks and drinks, and bento lunch boxes using ingredients grown in the rich nature of San'in are available upon reservation. In some sections, the train runs at reduced speed, allowing passengers to admire the beautiful scenery unique to San'in and enjoy highlights such as Mt. Daisen, Lake Shinji, and Hii River.



Trains are more than just a mean of transportation. Forget about time aboard of the Ametsuchi and experience a journey of discovery into the old, and new, Japan.




How to get there


About 2.5 hours from Shin-Osaka Station to Tottori Station by JR express train


Daisen-cho, Saihaku-gun, Tottori-ken / Shinji-cho, Matsue-shi, Shimane-ken / Izumo-shi, Shimane-ken



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