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Hiking in Mt. Daisen

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A journey through the beech forest of one of Japan's greatest summits

Daisen Town


Every autumn, the Daisenji Shuki Taisai Autumn Festival is held to express appreciation for the year's harvest.


Mt. Daisen, which means a big mountain in Japanese, has been an important symbol around the Chugoku region. For more than 1300 years, people have prayed and appreciated its blessing.
Since ancient times, Mt. Daisen has been worshipped as a sacred site. In the past, Mt. Daisen was home to more than 100 temples, which were collectively referred to as Daisenji Temple. 

To preserve vegetation and wildlife, Daisenji Temple long ago established a rule to prohibit cutting any small trees privately in the past. As a result, the area developed into a treasure trove of incredible nature and is now a national park. The beech forest absorbs snow and rain, and that filtered, pure water serves to grow crops that are rich and nourishing.



You will find a variety of activitiesーclimbing the mountain, walking or cycling through the beech forests, experiencing seated meditation and Buddhist cuisine at the temple lodging in Sanraku-so, and more.
Mt. Daisen is about more than simply the mountain itself. From the area, the sea is only a 20-minute drive away. On your journey there, take in the stunning views of the large mountain and the vast sea.




How to get there


By Bus: Take a bus from JR Yonago Station and get off at Daisenji bus stop (about 50 minutes). Please check out the bus schedule beforehand.


By Car: You can rent a car at Yonago Kitaro Airport or JR Yonago Station. It takes about 50 minutes from Yonago Kitaro Airport and 20 minutes from Yonago-Higashi / Yonago IC exit.


Daisen-cho, Saihaku-gun, Tottori-ken



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