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Daigo Cherry Tree


Ⓒ Okayama Prefectual Tourism Federation  

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Feel the power and timeless beauty of a majestic 1,000-year-old tree

Okayama Prefecture


Ⓒ Okayama Prefectual Tourism Federation


Daigo Cherry Tree, or Daigo-zakura in Japanese, is a huge cherry tree that stands alone against the sky in a tranquil mountain village landscape in Okayama Prefecture. Selected as one of the 100 Best Trees in Japan, it is estimated to be over 700 years old, even 1,000 years old according to a local theory, and takes its name from Emperor Go-Daigo (1288–1339) who, according to a folk tale says, admired this cherry tree upon his exile to the Oki Islands.

Daigo Cherry Tree looks at its best when seen from the front. With a height of 18m, a diameter at breast height of 7.1m, a trunk circumference of 9.2m, and branches that stretch 20m in four directions, it has an overwhelming presence that will leave you in awe. To protect the ancient tree, you are not allowed to step in, but you can fully admire it even from around the fence. 


Ⓒ Okayama Prefectual Tourism Federation


Every year in early to mid-April, delicate blossoms adorn the tree. The flowers of the Daigo Cherry Tree are even smaller than the common Yoshino variety and make a striking contrast with its imposing figure. When the blossoms are in full bloom, the tree is lit up at night, creating a surreal atmosphere that inspires calm and wonder. Daigo Cherry Tree is a wonder of nature that you should see at least once!


Ⓒ Okayama Prefectual Tourism Federation


Please note that during the blooming season the streets surrounding the tree may be get packed with cherry blossom viewers and heavy traffic may occur in the area, especially on the weekends. 



How to get there


From Okayama Station, take a JR train to Mimasaka-Ochiai Station with a change at Tsuyama Station (2 hours and 15 minutes), then a taxi to Daigo Cherry Tree (30 minutes.


2277 Bessho, Maniwa-shi, Okayama-ken



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