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Kunisaki Peninsula


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A place where history, culture, nature, and the original landscape of Japan remain

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Set in the northeast part of Oita Prefecture, facing the Seto Inland Sea, Kunisaki Peninsula is one of Japan's hidden treasures.
Dotted with numerous temples and shrines, Kunisaki is home to a syncretic religious culture with 1,300 years of history called Rokugo Manzan, which combines Buddhism, Shinto, and mountain worship. One of the unique aspects of Kunisaki Peninsula and the Rokugo Manzan culture is the large number of stone statues, and it is said that over half the Japan’s stone statues can be found here.


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The best way to experience Kunisaki’s rich nature and cultural heritage would be to walk the Kunisaki Peninsula Minemichi Long Trail. This scenic hiking trail follows the ancient pilgrimage routes known as “mineiri,” which have been used by monks for hundreds of years, and allows visitors to enjoy fantastic views of both mountains and sea.


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Recognized as a World Agricultural Heritage, Kunisaki still retains unique agricultural traditions and a rural landscape that has remained unchanged for centuries. The region is also renowned for its high-quality crops, including Shichitoi, a type of straw used for mat weaving, and log wood cultivated Shiitake mushrooms.


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From temples to mountains and farmlands, Kunisaki is a treasure trove of sights that are just waiting to be discovered, a memorable destination where the original landscape of Japan still remains intact.





How to get there


Kunisaki Information Center
10 minutes by car from Oita Airport


2662-1 Owara, Kunisakimachi, Kunisaki-shi, Oita-ken



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