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Natural Charms of Furano

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Experience nature in the land of lavender and flower fields

Furano Tourism Association



Just say “Furano” to any Japanese person, and they will tell you that this small, charming city in Hokkaido is famous nation-wide for its beautiful flowers, especially lavender. From late June to early October, visitors can see large fields of flowers in multiple locations in the Furano/Biei area, all framed against the backdrop of the beautiful Tokachidake mountains.



Take a stroll among the colors and scents of Furano and get lost in a stunning landscape that looks like it has been painted. In June, there are blue salvia, poppies, and lupines. From late June lavender begins to bloom, reaching its peak season by mid-July. August brings sunflowers and cosmos, and from September to October yellow mustard and dahlias decorate the refreshing fall season.



However, Furano offers much more than flowers! The area has low humidity, and summer temperatures rarely go above 30°C, providing a pleasant climate for a summer visit. Trekking, rafting, and canoeing on the Sorachi River, Mu River, and Lake Kanayama, bicycling the quiet roads, and delicious local cuisine are also top on the menu for visitors coming to Furano. Be sure to try locally made Furano cheese and Furano wine!



How to get there


From Asahikawa Airport, it takes 45 minutes by car to get to Furano.


Furano Basin: Nakafurano, Nakafurano-cho, Sorachi-gun, Hokkaido





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