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Ninja and Samurai Experience at Odawara Castle

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Join a historical tour of the castle and an exclusive ninja training course with a ninja expert

Odawara Tourism Association


Hosted by one of Japan's leading ninja experts and a bilingual local guide, this experience allows visitors to learn the history, techniques, and stories behind the ninja and samurai at Odawara Castle.



The symbol of Odawara City, Odawara Castle used to be the stronghold of the Hojo clan, who ruled large part of central Japan, including present day Tokyo, from the 15th to 16th century, and was guarded by the mysterious Fuma ninja clan, who served the Hojo family.



The experience will start with a guided walking tour of the castle grounds by a local expert, which will give you the historical context of the place. You will visit the Samurai Museum to see some authentic artifacts and learn about the samurai’s role and culture, followed by the Ninja Museum, where ninja artifacts and weapons such as shuriken (throwing stars) and katana swords are on display. Then, in a traditional Japanese room, you will learn and practice some of the fundamental techniques used by the ninja and learn about their history from Jinkawa Hiroshi, one of the foremost experts on the ninja culture.



This experience is held outside of business hours of the Ninja Museum, so the venue is reserved for exclusive use. Located just 40 minutes from Tokyo, Odawara Castle makes for great daytrip destination.





How to get there


Odawara Castle Park is about 10 minutes on foot from the East Exit of Odawara Station.


Jonai, Odawara-shi, Kanagawa-ken



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