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Summer Festival of Tsushima Shrine



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Diety enshrined on an island in the Seto Insland Sea that can only be visited two days a year



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Setonaikai National Park was one of the first national parks in Japan to be designated as such in 1934. The park is characterized by a scenic archipelago of islands of various sizes in the Inland Sea. Kagawa Prefecture's Tsushima Shrine is enshrined on one of the small islands of the scenic Inland Sea. 

Since the Edo period (1600-1868), the shrine has been deeply believed in as a guardian deity of children's health and growth, and attracts many family visitors from all over Japan. The main shrine is about 250 meters away from the mainland and is normally inaccessible, but for two days on August 4 and 5 each year during the summer festival, a bridge is built to allow people to cross over. 


Mitoyo Tourism & Exchange Autority


During these two days, from early in the morning until late at night, many men and women, young and old, cross the Tsushima Bridge to visit the main shrine. The view from the shrine on the beautiful Seto Inland Sea is spectacular, with the rising sun in the morning, the setting sun turning the sky and sea red in the evening, and the lights of the opposite shore at night. On the evening of the 4th, fireworks are set off, and the illumination of the fireworks and the light from the sea reflecting them makes the illuminated Tsushima Shrine a fantastic scene that is definitely worth seeing. In addition to the fireworks, there are also other events and festivities that are held only during this summer festival. These ceremonies, which have been passed down from generation to generation for more than 400 years, are truly solemn and, combined with the beauty of the unique landscape of Tsushima Shrine, allow visitors to rediscover the beauty of Japanese tradition. 




How to get there


From Takamatsu Airport, take the limousine bus to Takamatsu Station (45 minutes). From Takamatsu Station, take a limited express or rapid train to Tadotsu Station (approximately 35 minutes). From Tadotsu Station, take a local train to Tsushimanomiya Station (approx. 10 minutes). Get off the train at Tsushimanomiya Station, then walk for 3 minutes. 
Please note that the train stops at Tsushimanomiya Station only during the two days of the festival period.


7463 Omi, Mino-cho, Mitoyo-shi, Kagawa-ken



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