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CHUGOKU & SHIKOKU Travel Itinerary

CHUGOKU & SHIKOKU Nature & Culture 5 days

Bunny island and instagrammable island, rich nature in Chugoku and Shikoku area are there await. The port town that became the stage of a Ghibli movie, Monet’s Garden, Adachi Museum of Art, etc. offer you beautiful, picturesque sceneries. Join a tour that brings you to new nature spots and cultural experience!


Iya Kazurabashi Bridge, Tokushima / Oboke Gorge, Tokushima

Things To Do

The journey from Osaka to downtown Tokushima is a 2.5 hours bus ride, via Awaji island.
Walk accross a thrilling rope bridge with a superb view! The Iya Kazurabashi bridge in Iya valley, is a hanging bridge made with Shirakuchi Kazura (bower actinidia) ropes. It sways and makes creaking noises when you walk on it, and you can see the river from the gaps between the crossbars - crossing this bridge is a thrilling adventure!
Located in the middle of Shikoku, Oboke Gorge is located near to the entrance to Iya Valley, and is known for its cliff-like canyon’s beauty, and its steep, unexplored regions.
To fully enjoy the beauty of the 200 million year-old Oboke Gorge, take a boat ride down the river, and enjoy the sculpture-like eroded rocks, and they way it changes over the seasons.


Monet’s Garden Marmottan, Kochi / Hirome Market, Kochi

Things To Do

In the village of Kitagawa, Kochi, Monet’s Garden Marmottan is a garden that perfectly reproduce the world shown in Claude Monet, the impressionist painter’s paintings. There are three dedicated spaces, the Bordigehra Garden, the Flower Garden and the Water Garden reminiscent of Monet’s masterpieces, are as beautiful as if they had just jump out Monet’s canvas.
Let’s get back to the city to fill our stomachs: Hirome Market is a street food center, where you can find all kind of food from the whole Kochi prefecture. As a souvenir, you can buy Kochi‘s famous sweets: Imokenpi. It’s a very sweet, crispy treat made by local produced sweet potato which you can eat while travelling.


Shodoshima Island, Kagawa / Angel Road, Kagawa

Things To Do

Come to Shodoshima Island and enjoy its olive-scented breeze coming straight from Seto Inland Sea.
A legend says that if you hold hands with someone dear to you while walking across the “Angel Road”, that only appears at low tide twice a day, your wish will come true. So, the Angel Road is also one of the lovers’ sanctuary spot in Kagawa prefecture.
It’s easy to access from Takamatsu, Kagawa, as well as Okayama, Kobe by ferry.
You can go there either for a day-trip or multiple days to enjoy a slow relaxing time!


Rabbit Island (Okunoshima), Hiroshima / Tomonoura, Hiroshima

Things To Do

Okunoshima Island, also called the Rabbit Island, is famous for the numerous, cute bunnies that you can encounter on your way!
Surrounded by islands that were used during WWII and sanctuaries, Tomonoura was the model port town for the Ghibli Movie, Ponyo on a Cliff by the Sea. Its Edo-style streets and nightlights provide a nostalgic and impressive feeling to those who visit here.


Izumo Taisha Grand Shrine, Shimane / Adachi Museum of Arts, Shimane / Tamatsukuri Onsen, Shimane

Things To Do

Our next destination is the the Izumo Taisha Grand Shrine, well-known for hosting the God of Close Relationships and Marriage, and the Tamatsukuri Onsen, that is reputed for being one of the best hot spring in Japan for skin care treatment. It is a must-go spot for girl groups and couples!
Besides, Adachi Museum of Art was selected for 18 consecutive years (since 2013) by the American magazine Journal of Japanese Gardening as Japanese Garden Ranking Top 1 garden.
Lastly, Adachi Museum of Art has also received three stars in the French tour guides Guide Michelin - Japon and Guide Bleu Japon!

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