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Okinawa Travel Itinerary

OKINAWA Popular & Classic 5 days

Enjoy the natural and historical places on Okinawa main island and its marine activities to the fullest.
All must-try and must see spots are here for you if you are visiting Okinawa for the first time!


Kokusai-dori Street, Naha / Shurijo Castle Park, Naha

Things To Do

Naha is Okinawa‘s capital, commercial and cultural center, and the gateway for travelers to set their foot in the isles.
The Shurijo Castle park is the symbol of Okinawa and the witness of the great Ryukyu Kingdom*!
[*The Ryukyu Kindom was a Royal Kingdom located in Okinawa, that was founded in A.D. 1429 to lasted 450 years . Although it was a small country with a population of barely 170,000 people at its peak, the Ryukyu Kingdom prospered in the relay trade connecting East Asia with Southeast Asia, Japan, and Korea from the 15th century to the 16th century.]
Unfortunately, the main buildings of Shurijo Castle were destroyed by fire in 2019, but the remains have been gradually opened to the public since June 2020. The castle is now working towards its reconstruction and full restoration.
Besides of this historical site, there is another modern spot which is said to be a must-see spot in Naha, the Kokusaidori Street.
You can find traditional Ryukyu cuisine, western cuisine, Japanese style street food, etc. all in the same street!


Okinawa Churaumi Aquarium, Northern Okinawa / Manzamou, Northern Okinawa

Things To Do

The Northern area of Okinawa has many highlights. If you are self-driving, then you can easily access to the Okinawa Churaumi Aquarium within 2 hours from Naha via the express road. The aquarium is located on the Motobu peninsula and more than 3 million visitors are attracted every year.
Okinawa Churaumi Aquarium is known for its gigantic tank, “Kuroshio” where whale sharks and manta rays can be seen swimming freely within it.


Kouri Island, Northern Okinawa

Things To Do

Kouri isle, is also called “Koishima” (love island) thanks to the romantic sceneries, beaches, and the unique transparent sea which it takes pride in. Among those, the heart-shaped rock “Heart Rock” has become a sacred place for people to pray for romance. Feeling quite hot and looking for something to cool down? Try on Okinawa zenzai!
While normal zenzai is served as warm desert in Japan mainland, Okinawa zenzai is a cold dish.
Kintoki beans and Shiratama mochi are sweetly boiled with brown sugar and served as a topping for shaved ice.


Kaichu-Doro (the Road Through the Sea), Central Okinawa / Katsuren Castle Ruins, Central Okinawa / Kafu Banta, Central Okinawa

Things To Do

The 4.7km long “Sea Road” is one of the most popular features of Okinawa. The blue ocean shines so bright from the roadsides it’s almost blinding!
Via the Sea Road, you can get to “Kafu Banta”, in Uruma city, Miyako island.
“Kafu” means “happiness” in Okinawaian. “Banta” means cliff, so it’s also known as the “Cliff of Happiness”. The scenery developing just at your feet is absolutely spectacular – you won’t believe your eyes.
Just before crossing the Sea road, on the Katsuren peninsula, you can access the World Heritage Site of Katsuren Castle ruins for free, so don’t miss it!


Sefa Utaki, Southern Okinawa / Gyokusendo Cave (Okinawa world), Southern Okinawa

Things To Do

There are many cultural and historic spots in the southern Okinawa isles, as well as the sacred ones, where Okinawans pray to the gods.
Located in Nanjo, a 50 minutes car ride away from the Naha airport, Sefa Utaki is a famous spiritual spot for being the highest sacred place during the Ryukyu Kingdom period.
Even on a rainy day, there are places you can enjoy. Like the “Gyokusendo cave” in the Okinawa World theme park – it is a wonderful limestone cave, which lanscape is reputed as the most beautiful in Orient. You might even see cave pearls in there!
Before heading to Naha airport for return flight, you can also stop by the Okinawa Outlet Mall Ashibinaa and the Itoman Fishing Cooperative Osakana Center which are both near to Naha airport.
In the Osakana Center, you can taste fresh seafood and sushi with easily affordable price!
You can also access to both of those places via local buses from the airport!

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