Itineraries IWATE, MIYAGI, FUKUSHIMA A Quick Getaway From Tokyo

Exploring Eastern Tohoku


Located about 2, 3 hours away from Tokyo by bullet train, Southeast Tohoku, is full of natural wonders and cutural marvels. The 3 prefectures of Iwate, Miyagi, and Fukushima are great options to take a break from the busy capital.

Discover Iwate's dynamic natural scenery and intriguing archeological sites, or Miyagi's unique cityscape that is full of green spaces, giving its capital the recognition of 'the city of forests'. From the buckwheat noodles of Iwate to the famous beef tongue of Miyagi among others, Southeast Tohoku is blessed with sumptuous local specialities.

Fukushima has always been known as the stage for many literary and cinematic works, and a day-trip there will take you back in time, as you will be able to wander around streets that have not changed much since the Edo period.

With the combination of scenic nature spots and historical sites, Tohoku is a great region to experience the beauty of off-beaten-tracks of Japan, protected and preserved since ancient times.


Recommended itinerary from Tokyo


▸Travel by rental car


Tokyo  car  car (220min)  car  Aizuwakamatsu, Nanuka machi road  car  car (10min)  car  Tsurugajo Castle  car  car (15min)  car  Aizu Samurai Mansion  car  car (90min)  car  Iizaka onsen  car  car (70min)  car  Sendai joseki  car  car (15min)  car  Zuihoden Mausoleum  car  car (120min)  car  Hanamaki Onsen  car  car (45min)  car  Chusonji Temple  car  car (30min)  car  Geibikei Gorge


▸Travel by public transport


Tokyo  car  train (150min)  car  Aizuwakamatsu, Nanukamachi road  car  walking (10min)  car  Tsurugajo Castle  car  bus (15min)  car  Aizu Samurai Mansion  car  train (130min)  car  Sendai  car  bus (30min)  car  Zuihoden Mausoleum  car  bus (10min)  car  Sendai joseki  car  bus (20min)  car  Osaki Hachimangu Shrine

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