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Discover Everything About Gyoza on This Street in Utsunomiya City

Gyoza Everything – From Restaurants to Manhole Covers

Gyoza on a plate

©utsunomiya gyozakai

Utsunomiya City in Tochigi Prefecture is famous for its gyoza dumplings. Originally Chinese, these gyozas combine a piping hot meat filling with cabbage and chives wrapped with thin wonton skins that are then pan-fried, resulting in a contrast of textures and flavours of this irresistible treat.

Gyoza Statue

©utsunomiya gyozakai

The city boasts around 300 shops that serve gyozas, including specialty gyoza shops, and has a gyoza association in town, the Utsunomiya Gyozakai, that holds an annual gyoza festival at the start of November. There is even a statue of a Venus goddess wrapped in gyoza skin - the statue itself is made out of Oya stone and produced only in Utsunomiya City’s Oya District - sitting right outside of Utsunomiya station!

Gyoza street sign

©utsunomiya gyozakai

In the centre of Utsunomiya City lies a street called Miyajimacho-dori, named ‘Gyoza Street’ in April 2018. Keep an eye out and you will spot many interesting gyoza-related elements here. 

Gyoza Lamp Post

There is a lamp post in the shape of a dumpling, a bus stop sign that is fashioned into a dumpling, as well as replicas of dumplings served on a plate and hung on electric poles, all signs indicating a variety of shops selling delicious gyoza are lined up on the street for you to choose from!

Gyoza manhole Utsunomiya

©Utsunomiya Convention & Visitors Bureau 

Look at the pavement you’re walking on and you may even spot a manhole cover illustrated with gyoza, continuing an aspect of Japanese culture where manhole covers in the country illustrate a design specific to the culture of any given area.

Minmin Gyoza shop store front

©utsunomiya gyozakai

Gyoza Street has several gyoza shops all offering delectable gyozas and one of them is called ‘Utsunomiya Minmin’. Opened in 1958, this gyoza shop is no stranger to long queues. It serves gyoza in different ways - boiled, pan-fried or deep-fried.

With its unique gyoza-inspired features and offerings, Gyoza Street offers you an opportunity to fill your eyes and belly!


Gyoza Street
Address: 4 Miyamachi, Babadori, Utsunomiya, Tochigi 320-0026, Japan
Website: https://discover-utsunomiya.com/experiences/gyoza/

Utsunomiya Minmin Main Restaurant
Address: 4-2-3 Babadori, Utsunomiya, Tochigi 320-0026, Japan
Website: https://minmin.co.jp/ (Japanese only)



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