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The Goshikinuma Nature Trail Takes You Up Close to Colourful Ponds

Famous for Their Intense Hues of Blue

In Urabandai’s Kitashiobara village lies the famous Goshikinuma ponds that gleam in various intense hues of blue, ranging from bright cobalt blue to a deep teal! This otherworldly sight is an incredible work of nature, owing to the unique mineral composition found in each lake.

woman by goshikinuma pond

The Goshikinuma ponds are a cluster of volcanic lakes found at the foot of Mt. Bandai in Fukushima Prefecture. Goshikinuma translates to ‘five coloured ponds’, and even though dozens of lakes were formed during the 1888 Mt. Bandai eruption, eight of them stood out among the rest.

goshikinuma pon scene

Framed by trees that change colours throughout the season, the eight main lakes - Bishamonnuma, Akanuma, Midoronuma, Tatsunuma, Aonuma, Bentennuma, Yanaginuma, and Rurinuma - are indeed unforgettable sights to behold. 

The colour of the lakes changes subtly throughout the day, depending on the weather, season, the volcanic substances in the water and where you are located when you are viewing them. And, yes, none are identical to each other. Viewing them is particularly popular during the autumn season when the red and golden leaves create a striking contrast to the blue palette of the lakes.

goshikinuma pond winter

Winter also presents a magical scene as the lakes resemble deep blue mirrors reflecting a white snowy background.

To get up close to this natural splendour, visitors can go on the scenic Goshikinuma Nature Trail. This 3.6 km walking trail of gentle slopes takes only about 70 to 90 minutes to complete and is suitable even for beginners. Although the trail itself is easy, proper trekking shoes are recommended because the ground may become muddy and slippery when it rains.

goshikinuma pond nature trail

Not only does the Goshikinuma Nature Trail take hikers past the five famed gorgeous lakes, but part of the trail also brings you through a peaceful forested area that is teeming with the richness of nature.

goshikinuma blue lake

You can also rent a rowboat in Bishamonnuma, near the Urabandai Visitor Center, and paddle gently around the stunning blue lake! Soak in the tranquillity of nature and enjoy being surrounded by birds and koi fish. The Urabandai Visitor Center also offers great information about the area’s geographical landscape, wildlife, and the ecosystem that makes up the Goshikinuma ponds.

Goshikinuma Ponds (Urabandai Visitor Center)
Address: 1093-1055 Aza Kengamine, Ooaza Hibara, Kitashiobara-mura, Yama-gun, Fukushima Prefecture, 969-2701 Japan
Website: https://www.urabandai-inf.com/en



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