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Whimsical Fruit-Shaped Bus Stops in Nagasaki

Stay Awhile and Snap Some Pictures

Just an hour’s train ride away from bustling Nagasaki lies the Konagai area of Isahaya City, which has become popular because of its fruit-shaped bus stops. 

Surrounded by the tranquil Ariake Sea, the quirky scene of colourful fruits popping up along the road looks like they came straight out of a fairytale.

konagai fruit bus stop strawberry

These cute and photogenic bus stops were originally built in 1990 to attract visitors to the Journey Exposition Nagasaki 1990. But they were such a hit that they eventually became a permanent fixture in the Konagai area, gaining popularity with both the locals and international visitors. Even after several decades, these functional bus stops are still well-maintained.

fruit bus stop at night

There are 16 bus stops peppered along the coastal road, Highway 207, and this particular stretch is known as the “Tokimeki Fruit-shaped Bus Stop Avenue”.

orange fruit bus stop

The bus stop shapes come in five juicy fruit varieties: watermelon, strawberry, rockmelon, orange, and tomato. These fruits represent the local agricultural specialties of Nagasaki Prefecture, with strawberries and oranges among the top fruit harvests. Nagasaki, with its conducive oceanic climate and flat terrain, has been actively cultivating fruit trees for a long time.

watermelon fruit bus stop

Get up close with these fruity bus stops

Since these are actual bus stops, the most practical way to see them is to hop on the public transport. From Konagai train station, walk out to Highway 207 and you should spot a cheery Strawberry bus stop sitting gaily. Fourteen out of these 16 fruit bus stops are located along this route, and the bus that is headed in the direction of Saga Prefecture will take you to most of them. 

konagai fruit bus stops

Along the way, look out for a rockmelon and a strawberry bus stop sitting merrily across each other. The famous Izaki (井崎) bus stop overlooks the panoramic Ariake Sea, creating the most breathtaking setting for cute photo opportunities. 

The buses are infrequent, which allows for plenty of photo-taking moments. Alternatively, you can rent a car and travel along the route to see as many of the bus stops as possible! Remember to follow traffic rules in Japan when you take photos!

tomato fruit bus stop

The picturesque Konagai area of Isahaya City is a good place to slow your pace down and enjoy the little moments of life. 


Konagai Fruit Bus Stops
Address: Highway 207, Konagai-cho, Isahaya City, Nagasaki Prefecture
Website: https://www.discover-nagasaki.com/en/sightseeing/63101




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