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Nirayama Castle 韮山城跡

The ruins of Nirayama Castle The ruins of Nirayama Castle
The ruins of Nirayama Castle The ruins of Nirayama Castle

Historic castle ruins with a unique atmosphere and gorgeous grounds

Nirayama Castle sat atop a hill in modern-day Shizuoka Prefecture near Atami and Ito . Now, you can visit its ruins on this hill. This castle had deep significance in Japanese history, and the trails through the sparse forest and hilltop views make it a great place to explore.

How to Get There

Nirayama Castle is accessible by train.

Nirayama Castle is a 20-minute walk from Nirayama Station. Nirayama Station is about 70 minutes from Tokyo via the bullet train to Mishima with a transfer to the Izuhakone Sunzu Line.

Quick Facts

Nirayama Castle was built in the late 15th century

The castle held out for three months against a siege of 44,000 soldiers

The Siege of Nirayama

Built in the late 15th century as the base of the Hojo clan, Nirayama Castle is most famous for withstanding a three-month siege by warlord Toyotomi Hideyoshi in the 16th century. The samurai in the castle put up a spirited resistance and lasted longer than any of their allies, but eventually, the castle capitulated.

Exploring the ruins of Nirayama Castle

The castle changed owners and survived until 1601, when the castle was demolished. The earthwork and moat are still in good condition, and you can still enjoy the view across the plain to the mountains beyond from the honmaru.

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