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Atami-onsen Hot Spring Atami-onsen Hot Spring

SHIZUOKA Atami & Ito Two fun seaside onsen resort towns and an islet packed with sporting possibilities very close to Tokyo

Two fun seaside onsen resort towns and an islet packed with sporting possibilities very close to Tokyo

A coastal town long famed for its many hot springs, Atami started life as a prime spot for VIPs, dignitaries, and honeymooning couples. The town has recently reinvented itself as a destination for museum lovers, Japanese culture fans and ocean sports enthusiasts.

Don't Miss

  • Touring Atami's many onsen for a soak
  • Hatsushima's sporting possibilities and small island vibe
  • The Atami Sea Fireworks Festival, in all four seasons

How to Get There

Train and bus are easiest, but renting a car makes sense if you plan to explore the rest of the Izu area.

Atami is less than an hour away on the Tokaido Shinkansen from Tokyo, and there are slightly slower, less expensive trains available too. If you're interested in island hopping, Atami also serves as a jump-off point for a number of boats that run to Oshima—the closest of the Izu Islands .

Quick Facts

Atami is the gateway to the rest of the beautiful Izu peninsula

Warlords and royalty have enjoyed soaking in Atami's waters for centuries

Atami is part of the Fuji-Hakone-Izu National Park

An onsen paradise

Atami is one of Japan's leading onsen resorts. In addition to the baths, Atami is famous for plenty of great seafood for you to feast on landed fresh in Atami Bay of the nearby Sagami Bay.

The local castle

Sitting to the south of Atami Station is Atami Castle , boasting one of the finest and loftiest views of the town and ocean. Here you can dress up in Edo-period costumes and visit an erotic ukiyo-e exhibition. The castle is a prime spot for viewing cherry blossoms in the spring and fireworks year-round.

Izu Kogen and the Jogasaki Coast

Located around ten kilometers south of Ito is Izu Kogen. The area has a number of museums, restaurants, giving you plenty of options to explore. Take the chair-lift up Mt. Omuro for fantastic views of the area.

Visit a small island with big possibilities

A short ferry ride away in Sagami Bay is the little resort island of Hatsushima. The island offers fishing, a scuba diving/snorkeling center, an athletic playground, an ocean hot spring, and a camping spot. You can walk around Hatsushima in an hour.

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