Hachimantai Onsen 八幡平温泉郷

Fukenoyu Onsen Fukenoyu Onsen
Fukenoyu Onsen Fukenoyu Onsen

An onsen resort with plentiful, sulphur-rich water, plus trekking, golf, skiing and more nearby

Situated in a lofty mountain range bordering Iwate and Akita prefectures, Hachimantai Onsen is a resort that offers tranquil surroundings, unspoiled beauty, and the relaxing sounds of birdsong while bathing.

Quick Facts

Spectacular views of Mt. Iwate from onsen (hot springs) in the area

A wide range of all-year leisure activities

How to Get There

The Hachimantai area can be reached via Tazawako , Morioka , or Kazuno-Hanawa stations.

From Tazawako Station, take the Akita Shinkansen. From Morioka Station, take the Tohoku Shinkansen. From Kazuno-Kanawa, take the JR Hanawa Line.

Great for body and mind

The hot springs here were originally used as a source of hot water for the Matsukawa geothermal plant in 1971.

Since its waters possess a number of healing properties, including soothing nerve pain, sore muscles, joint pain, fatigue, chronic digestive disorders, diabetes, chronic skin diseases and arteriosclerosis, Hachimantai Onsen has become a popular base for visitors wishing to explore the area.

Enjoy the other leisure activities

You have options like trekking, golf, angling and mountain climbing during the summer months, and skiing and snowboarding during the winter.

Fukenoyu Onsen

Take a hike up to this quaint hot spring, which is located below the summit of Mt. Hachimantai . Enjoy the feeling of nature around you while relaxing in the volcanic hot spring.

Goshogake Onsen

Relax in beautiful Goshogake Onsen on the slopes of Mt. Hachimantai in the heart of Towada-Hachimantai National Park. With indoor baths made of scented pine, steam boxes, an outdoor onsen, and a volcanic mud pool, there are plenty of options.

Tamagawa Onsen

Tamagawa Onsen has the highest acidity of all Japan's hot springs. The bedrock emits weak radioactivity. People from all over Japan come to bathe here in the hope of being cured of various illnesses.

Places to stay

There is ample accommodation within the area, including the largest resort in Tohoku , Hachimantai Resort.

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