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Mt. Shigi 信貴山エリア

Mt. Shigi-san Area Mt. Shigi-san Area
Mt. Shigi-san Area Mt. Shigi-san Area

Mt. Shigi offers sweeping views and unusual cultural attractions

Visiting Mt. Shigi is your opportunity to do something different. Book a stay at a temple and enjoy a little peace and quiet up high.

Don't Miss

  • The hot spring for ultimate relaxation
  • The giant tiger at Chogosonshiji Temple
  • The illustrated handscroll, a National Treasure, displayed for public viewing in fall

How to Get There

Mt. Shigi is accessible by train and then by bus.

Take the JR Yamatoji Line from Tennoji station to Oji Station.

From Oji station, take a Nara Kotsu bus to Mt Shigi. The bus takes 20 minutes.

An authentic experience

Consider staying at one of the temples in the Mt. Shigi area if you want to get a more personal experience. This is a great way to experience Mt. Shigi in the same way that generations of monks have.

Lucky tigers

According to legend, in the 7th century, Prince Shotoku was praying for military victory over the warrior Mononobe Moriya. As he prayed, the god of warriors, Bishamonten, appeared over his head and whispered a secret strategy that would guarantee success.

The prince noticed that the god's appearance was at the hour of the tiger, on the day of the tiger, in the year of the tiger.

Following his victory, the prince decreed that Bishamonten would be worshiped in the area as the god of happiness and his symbol would be the tiger. The giant tiger that you encounter at the entrance to Chogosonshiji and all of the other tiger paraphernalia throughout the temple and its grounds are representative of this decree.

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