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Kesennuma 気仙沼

Kesen'numa Area Kesen'numa Area
Kesen'numa Area Kesen'numa Area

Fishing town perfect for a day trip

Kesennuma is part of the Sanriku Coast, a region famous for its nature and plentiful fishing grounds. Although still recovering from the 2011 tsunami, Kesennuma is a beautiful area to come and experience seaside living.

How to Get There

Kesennuma is accessible by train and bus.

From Sendai, take the bullet train to Ichinoseki, then transfer to the Ofunato line to reach Kesennuma. Total travel time is about two hours.

Alternatively, you can take a bus from the west exit of Sendai Station to Kesennuma City Hall, which takes about three hours.

Shopping and dining

Shop around town at markets featuring small shops run by locals. One notable building is K-Port, located near Ace Port. The center was built by the famous actor Ken Watanabe after the tsunami to encourage revitalization efforts. Indulge in the mouthwatering pizza, curry, and pancakes. Seafood lovers can find seafood straight from the sea such as tuna or Pacific saury at nearly any restaurant in the city.

Get in touch with nature

To get a lay of the land, climb the 239-meter-tall Mt. Anba near the city center. Take a taxi up to the parking lot, then it's just a 15-minute walk to the top.

Dodge the shooting water at Cape Iwaisaki. The rocky coastline 10 kilometers from the city center offers an impressive view and a blowhole that periodically blasts salt water over 10 meters into the sky.

Cross the Oshima Bridge to Oshima Island for additional hiking or cycling. The island is 22 kilometers in circumference and offers amazing views from the top of Kameyama. Rental bikes are also available.

Understand the city on a deeper level

The Rias Ark Museum showcases the development of the fishing industry and lives of past generations. There are also displays about the 2011 tsunami.

Take a walk along the Olle Trail on the Karakuwa Peninsula and experience the grandeur of nature. Soaring from the sea, a tall rock formation that resembles a pillar had its tip broken by the tsunami.

Contact the Kessennuma Tourism and Convention Bureau

Since 2017, there's been even more efforts to increase tourism here. Fishing, sea kayaking, and farming experiences are just a few of the new programs being developed. Contact the tourism bureau, which offers service in English, for more information.

* The information on this page may be subject to change due to COVID-19.


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